Midnight In Paris

It was not just an ordinary Saturday. It was the Saturday of the Sweet 16 of myself and about 20 other  girls in my class. We were granted the opportunity to combine our… Continue reading

All Things À La Mode

Too many people accept the idea of looks not mattering. Speaking realistically, we can all attest to the fact when we look better, we feel better, and that counts for something, doesn’t it?… Continue reading

My Affinity For Mint + Chocolate

Every spring, girl scouts begin disturbing world peace (instead of promoting it as they should). All crash diets are called off immediately, and not even because we haven’t got the will to maintain them.… Continue reading

Rap Music…Revived?

          Some people say that rap is dead. Some people never liked the style of music in the first place. Some people are actually satisfied with what iTunes currently labels “Rap”,… Continue reading

Oscar Pistorius (and Other Track-Related Paraphernalia)

For some strange reason, when a workout gets tough, I envision what a professional athlete would be doing in my situation. Sort of like, a WWJD type thing, except since Jesus wasn’t an athlete, I put… Continue reading

“I Want The Whole World to Celebrate”

Congratulations you’ve found it. By It, I’m speaking of this very blog you’re reading. Well no, I’m no photographer, and unfortunately this is not YouTube.  For all you visuals out there, Google images is… Continue reading