Tricking Yourself Into Believing You’re Stress-Free

Got Stress? Who doesn’t? Now is the perfect opportunity for me to uncover a theory that keeps me as relaxed as an insanely stressed out person can be: Stop thinking about the next… Continue reading

The Art of Coning

Pictured above is a significantly artistic picture of ice cream in a cone. However, the art of coning has nothing to do with how beautifully your ice cream is crafted. It’s simply a… Continue reading

How Johannes Brahms (and Justin Timberlake) Saved Music

Brahms is truly a leader in the music world. As much as I admire the Justin Timberlakes, Vampire Weekends, and Frank Oceans of the world, Brahms is timeless. I guess he could be… Continue reading

Poetry: Two Trees

Two trees, in a race, Who could be the tallest? For now they are only little sprouts, But the one on the right is the tallest. The months went by, it rained and… Continue reading

Sudden Impact

How often do you actually wear your seat belt? Is it every time you get in a car, or only when you’re riding in the front seat? Do you only wear it in the front… Continue reading

The Embarassment Playlist

You know when your music is on shuffle, and a wave of panic rushes through your body out of fear that the most embarrassing song on your i-Pod will just happen to find… Continue reading

How To Survive an AP course

You may be asking yourself: “What have I got myself into?” Or a more paranoid human being would say: “Let me make sure I know what I’m getting myself into before I enroll… Continue reading


Origami is the art of paper-folding, but what happens when you brings out the scissors? Immediately, I thought a paper-cutter could easily be labeled an origami-cheater, but with great curiosity and Google at hand, I’ve… Continue reading

10 Bits of Inspiration for My Dream Home

It’s not often that I have the time to watch some good old-fashioned television, but when I do, I can’t help but flip to HGTV. My favorite show is Selling New York, which is basically a… Continue reading

“If You Can’t Do The Math, Then Get Out of The Equation”

A very small part of me holds a semi-genuine appreciation for mathematics. (It’s the only homework I can do with music playing, which makes it a bit more enjoyable than textbook readings…) The… Continue reading