4:20 PM… Obviously

Oh, high. So maybe it’s 4/20, and maybe I celebrated by watching a documentary on the history channel about the American history of marijuana. Pretty exciting stuff, I must say. Several decades ago,… Continue reading

Moving In At Barnes & Noble

I had absolutely no idea what to write about today until I realized that I haven’t done any reading in quite a while. How  does one expect to compose their own material without… Continue reading

Short Story: Run For The Heavens

There’s no place better to spend spring break than at home on the beach. Here, every day is like the very first day of summer. Children and their fathers fly rainbow kites in… Continue reading

Poetry: Half Dead

Pretty soon, I’ll be 20. And I’ll be half half dead. I can’t believe I’ve make it this far.  I’m still pretty cool, a few years left in school, And I still haven’t crashed… Continue reading

Basket of Crap

Sometimes I love grocery shopping. Sometimes there are times I need a lot of food items in preparation for a busy week. Mostly I like grocery shopping when I’m starving on a Sunday… Continue reading

So The Countdown Begins…

3 THINGS ABOUT TODAY So It’s April 8th…The 98th day of the year. It’s also the birthday of the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. It’s… Continue reading

The Bad Ending

So the ending of Spring Break isn’t bad per say, it’s just bad that Spring Break is ending. Here’s a list of everything I’m going to miss about the glorious 10 day vacation. It’s a good one: I’m going… Continue reading

3 Songs Called “Stay”

 Upon sifting through my iTunes library, I’ve realized that artists aren’t very creative with their song titles. The number of songs I have with the exact same title is incredible. Let’s talk about three… Continue reading

A Taste of Vacation: 10 Must Have Swimsuits

And so Spring Break 2013 continues. The weather is getting warmer, and the snoball stands have finally opened.  Today is the first day of the season sandals have appeared on my feet. This week… Continue reading

75% Done With Sophomore Year, 100% Done With Life

I’m beginning to fear for my future. Will my math grade be suffice? Will it even stay that way after tomorrow’s assessment? These are the questions that haunt me. The fear is escalating to a… Continue reading