A Love Letter For You (Whoever You Are).


Let’s face it, I love you. 

At least, I think I do.
want to love you, rather.
I’ll phrase it that way because whether or not I do or I don’t is irrelevant now.
The desire is still there.

That’s a good thing right? Because, who on this earth does not want to be loved? I think deep down inside that’s all anybody wants. We want to be loved. By ourselves, and those around us. Everything else we do is just a way to fill the void. Better yet, the things we do just might get us one step closer to what we truly want, which is


Yeah. I said it in Italian. I’ll say it in French too: Amour. (That’s the language of love, right?)

But isn’t it strange that I love you out of all the people in the world?
Not that you’re my only love. I also love my family, the cold side of the pillow on a hot summer night, Old school rap with the windows down (in a car, silly), popsicles with the fruit bits in them… but you don’t fit into any of those categories. So how the hell did this happen? Why did the universe make me love you? (It was most definitely not a choice). If I had a say in who I got to love, don’t you think I would have chosen someone a little bit closer to say…perfection?

By now, I bet you think I’m insulting you, but I would never do or say anything to hurt you, even in the smallest way.
Don’t you know how fond I am of everything you are and will become?

Well, now you know.

How many people do you actually like? Not love, but just like. Think about it. Sometimes, we think we like a person, but whatever we thought they were turns out to be absolutely wrong. Even worse, this person changes into something that we never thought they would be.Then we meet people, who we truly admire, but their lives are already full. Maybe not with love exactly, but with life, dreams, and desires. They are perfectly wonderful, like an Oreo, but unfortunately, not the double stuffed kind. (They must be on a diet). They have no room for us, or anybody new. That’s okay though. We can never be friends or be in love with every worthy person we encounter, or else we’d have as many friends in real life as we do on Facebook, and most of us don’t have half as many.

But then, there are some people (like you). They hit us like bricks. At first, they might seem less than inspiring, but then, we realize that they have so much more to offer. Since I’ve already begun the cookie analogy, these people can be described as the double stuffed Oreos. Actually, No. I’d go as far as saying that these people are the girl scout cookies of life. They don’t come around every day. Maybe just once a year. You eat two, and you’ve got your calories for life.
You’re a girl scout cookie for sure. In fact, you just might be a Samoa. We meet these people, and we just want to ask them,

“Hey, how did you become so utterly amazing and inspiring?”

So tell me:

Remember that one time we looked deeply into each others eyes? I know it’s happened many times before, but there was this one time. That’s when I figured it all out. The whole, love situation I mean.

You see, it’s strange. I feel like I could keep writing this letter all night long. I would never run out of things to say. If I did, I could just rearrange the words.  in 1,000 different ways at the very least. You know, the English language has about 300,000 distinct words and the average person only knows about 20,000 of them. I could technically rearrange the words in another several thousands if I had a thesaurus at hand.

I’d probably actually spend time doing it too. Because that’s how much I think I love you, (whoever you are).


         Yours Truly.