Poetry: Calm Existence

Tonight my friend was supposed to come over and bake with me –like brownies and stuff. Instead, she took it upon herself to go bake in an equally literal since: with a couple of blunts. So that’s cool, we’ll just do it tomorrow. On the other hand, I’m slightly concerned about her well being because I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her sober…

Tonight, I’ll just indulge in this luxurious box of macarons and Chance the Rapper’s mixtape, while cherishing what few days are left of this Mardi Gras break. (If you’re from anywhere else in the country or the world, you’re probably like, “Y’all get a break for that?”. Yeah, I don’t get it either, but I’m certainly not complaining!) This year, Mardi Gras was pretty great, aside from the whole freezing-cold-and-raining weather forecast on Tuesday. The other nights were all really quite lovely. Should I really go into the details on this public blog? Probably not… which is why I’ve created a supplementary password protected post for myself and nearest/dearest friends. ; )

Aside  from that, I’ve been writing a lot lately. This is a poem, about absolutely nothing and entirely everything at the same time: 


Where are we?
Set us free.
Where ample days
are guaranteed.
the wind
and smears ripples in the air space…

Bare expressions

Cryptic remarks are all to be heard,
these aimless sounds are forming words.
This is disarray
with widespread verisimilitude
in this calm existence.

We’ll run away
and never be searched for.
They’ll never reach me
or the ones they adore.
Our collected impressions are past withdrawn.
At last, you wonder
but we’re too far gone.

Pinch me
And share regard,
sustained from deep within.

The flooded streets are still,
with the whole community
staring blankly
in this calm existence.

You can’t keep a secret
for more than a hour.
We compose phony phrases
that your ears will devour.
Everyone believes you
or yet, they presume.
But do not distress
We will be home soon.

You don’t get it.

I know you don’t get it, but that’s okay.

Alright everybody, have lovely days.

I’ll write back soon!