A Much Needed Vacation


So, it’s Winter Break, but it feels like Spring Break. Maybe because I’m in Florida, and it’s not all that cold outside. Just days after guzzling down mug after mug of white hot chocolate from PJ’s Coffee or from my very own pantry (on days when i can’t find a dollar to save my life), I’m at the beach. It’s a nice welcomed change. To be honest, I don’t want to leave. The days feel a lot longer here, because I’m doing things other than sitting around on the internet all day like I do at home. Since I don’t drive at home, and everything is far away, I never really go anywhere except for school. Everything here is in walking distance, so i go everywhere. This little town is so simple, and the food is excellent. The weather’s great, and you can ride your bike and not worry about getting hit by a car. And, they don’t put too much syrup in the flavored coffees, something that Starbucks is guilty of on the regular; All the caramel without any of the chicory. The Maghreb Mint tea isn’t too shabby either. I don’t know why I ordered it. I guess because I didn’t really know what was in or how to pronounce most of the other flavors, but I learned about the Maghreb in French class a few years ago, so that pronunciation was solid. And there’s this cute little record store, where I didn’t buy anything because iTunes exists and it’s just easier, but I can never help going in and looking around, or talking to the employees about their favorite bands. People always get excited when you say you’re from New Orleans because while I don’t always think of it as such, New Orleans is seriously a musical capital of the world, and people are impressed by that. I also bought this handmade candle for my mom, but really I’m just going to borrow it and soak up the scent in the walls of my own room. So that’s that. 

Also when I go home, I’ll have to go to school, and I’m not in the mood for that. Probably because the last time I was at school, I sat in a freezing room answering short answer questions for three hours, and nobody likes that. Also, I’ll have to think about grades again, and I don’t want to do that either. It’s strange though that I’m not so worried. My sisters grades weren’t all that, and she got into a great school… I know a handful of kids who have gotten into prestigious school with less than A averages, and without ending world hunger, or being the water polo national champion, or having 2400’s/36’s, so I’m just not that worried. On the other hand, I stress out anyway, “just in case”. But then again, what school do I even want to go to? I don’t even know yet. 

But on the bright side. It doesn’t matter for now, because I’m on vacation, and I’m going to focus soley on that. I have no worries. I don’t have to deal with school, or my family, or my future. I can go to Pilates in the morning, and drink smoothies from Eco friendly cups, and eat apple-caramel-walnut cro-muffins from the farmers market, and sit in the jacuzzi on frigid nights, and get my cinematic fix from the red box across the street, and cogitate on the meaning of the song lyrics from spotify radio with my friends, and go on night walks for miles, and even write a blog post or two. Look at that. 

Life’s Good. enjoy the little things.