The Living Is Easy.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so i figured now was the time to get back to this blogging business. I haven’t really had any lazy days quite yet this summer, so posts haven’t been happening as frequently as I would like them to. Awkward…Well anyway, let’s see where we left off: School ended. Finally, a break from unnecessary homework and 6:30 A.M. alarms!

Since then, my volleyball team won a local tournament with a prize of gold medals, and complete eradication our fees for nationals. Basically, they presented us with a huge check like those ones they give the lottery winners, which is a pretty exciting thing, although the check isn’t worth nearly as much. I’ve also spent the past two weeks at Jazz School, which ended this past friday. I learned a lot about jazz and I guess music in general, and I made a good number of friends, so I’d say that was a highly efficient use of my first two weeks of summer. Now I’m free this week until Thursday night when the road trip to Orlando Florida begins for the AAU Volleyball National Championships. It’s basically one of my favorite trips that I’ve taken every year since I was 10, so I’m really excited. Orlando just screams summer to me, especially Disney World. Of course, Harry Potter World deserves a shout out too.

Yesterday was father’s day, but I spent the day with my team in Baton Rouge. We were supposed to scrimmage a local team, but the coach had his days mixed up. Only 5 members of their team showed up, so we just played together for a couple of hours. Then, our team stayed in town for dinner at this place called Cheeburger Cheeburger (I’m still highly puzzled by the name myself). There were about 100 different milkshake flavors, however being my dairy intolerant self, I couldn’t have one. Their burgers were awesome though. There’s also this thing where you can eat a 20 ounce burger and get your photo on the wall, which seems a little bit ridiculous for me considering the fact that I could only manage a measly half of the 5.5 ounce burger a a couple of sweet potato fries… All in all, it was a nice fathers day, though I didn’t see my father once. It’s alright because he’s coming over for dinner today. Whole Food’s prepared the Barbecue, but at least I baked a cake from scratch, which I’m pretty proud of.

Summer is rolling by so quickly. I’m not at all ready for school. Maybe I should find some time to squeeze that SAT prep thing in. It seems all my friends are doing it. I don’t want to give into peer pressure though, so I’m just going to enjoy my summer, and worry about that academic life in August.

I hope your summer is going well!

Real post, in 2 days. 🙂