How To Enjoy Life When You Don’t Look Like A Supermodel


In this word, people are denied jobs for not being attractive enough. People reject others’ kind request for coffee or a movie because the person who’s invited them is just not that cute. People have fewer friends, not because they posses nasty character traits, but simply because they are not beautiful.

 If you clicked this post, I’m guessing you don’t look anything like the flawless Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn (or which ever models you keep tabs on, I don’t really know, those are just two of my personal favorites). I’m writing this post to let you know that that’s okay, because let me just say, most of us don’t.

While society can be cruel, we don’t have to let the way we look, (something we can’t help all that much), hold us back from being the absolute best version of ourselves that we have to offer. If this sounds anything like yourself, I hope you’re beginning to realize how silly that is. We should stop mentally-judging ourselves on the outside, from the inside. We should do what we want to do, say what we need to say to say, approach who we want to approach, as if we look like Beyonce, because inside we’re just the same (minus the perfect vocal cords).  We can offer the world the  same things Ryan Gosling can, we probably just won’t look as good doing them (truth). 

Stop focusing on how to become more beautiful and understand that none of it should matter. If the way we look is holding us back from doing even the little things we want to do, then that’s a pretty serious problem. If we are the best, smartest, most creative, talented, and wonderful people we can be–If we are interesting, and interested, but you’re still not accepted because you’re not beautiful enough, it just shows what kind of people you’re dealing with, and you don’t need them in your life anyway. 

We are all worthy of the same treatment because we’ve all got minds for molding. We’ve got hearts that beat. We’ve got lungs that allow us to breathe in all different kinds of chemical elements for crying out loud! Most importantly we’ve all got a spirit and a unique personality, and that’s pretty cool in itself.

Obviously, it’s fun to obsess over the newest makeup products and finally splurge on the dresses we’ve been eying for weeks but would feel too guilty actually purchasing… It makes us feel better about how we look, and be happier that we’re one step closer to being that supermodel we desire to be. That’s fine. I’m all about playing dress up! And I’m all about feeling good. It becomes a problem when you take off all the clothes and the makeup. The insecurities that go along with not being good-looking enough are not necessary. Forget about all of those. Wear heels because they’re cute, not because you feel like you need to be 6’o”. Remove your wisdom teeth because it’s the doctor’s orders, not because you want your cheekbones to look bigger. Avoid that cute guy/girl at work, not because you think he or she would never give you the time of day, but because he/she’s genuinely an awful person to be around. In fact, don’t brush your hair for a year, and go out and act as if you’ve just walked off the set of a Pantene commercial. Actually don’t do that. You get what I’m saying at this point.

Sure, it seems like life would be so much easier, and more fun, and exciting, and just overall improved if we were better looking, but we’ve got to find other ways to boost our self-esteem,

because really?