Last Post of The School Year!


Just kidding, I love school.  But in the rebellious spirit of those who do hate it, and also in the spirit of those who have been so harshly deprived of the glorious summer holidays that they’ve become numb to everything they say that could come off  as remotely obsceneI figured this photo was pretty befitting.

Tomorrow is my final final exam. At 11:00 AM, I’ll be free to roam the earth without a care for the next 2 months or so.

 I’m not going to lie, I could have done a better job studying this weekend. On the other hand, maybe it was my destiny to see The Great Gatsby, live it up at pool parties,  and soak up the sun at a crawfish boil. It’s a great possibility.  Last night I finally mustered up the drive to study for today’s exam. Thanks to a ton of coffee,  I’ve been managing the whole sleep deprivation thing pretty well this time around. Unfortunately, I still won’t get much sleep tonight. You’d think since I’m so good at procrastinating, I wouldn’t need to practice so much, but it’s clearly an indelible passion of mine.  I’ll start studying in 20 minutes I’m sure, but then again I said that two hours ago.

Three things: 

  1. I’m not sure cramming everything we’ve learned over a 9 month period back into our heads is an effective way of synthesizing the material. 
  2.  Summer has been calling my name for quite a few weeks now. #Reunitedanditfeelssogood
  3. All in all, this year has been a good one. I can’t wait to be a junior. woo!