Album Review: “Modern Vampires of The City”


So,  this is the 3rd album by one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend. It was released on the 14th of this month, but I’ve just gotten around to listening to it. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s phenomenal.  I don’t know yet; I’ve only listened to the first single. For this review, I’m going to attempt to summarize each individual song in just 10 words as I’m listening to them. Maybe it will produce a beautiful and eclectic poem, or maybe it’ll just be my typical sporadic thoughts exposed.

We shall see.

1. “Obvious Bicycle” The embodiment of beautiful melody; so strikingly sarcastic, yet motivational.
2. “Unbelievers” Rhythmically pleasing, but not too impressive musically; Incredibly thought provoking.
3. “Step” Classical music of the future, catchy, full of song references.
4. “Diane Young” Classic Vampire Weekend. Behold! the perfect breakdown. dynamic, and engaging.
5. “Don’t Lie” Heavy on drums. Medium on organ. Light on everything else.
6. “Hannah Hunt” Piano recital… peacefully travelling… vocal overdrive. motion-picture soundtrack worthy.
7. “Everlasting Arms” String Instrument Army. Steady Kick Drum.  Syncopation. Harmonies. Emotionally Elegant
8. “Finger Back” Noisy arrangement of sounds. Somewhat painful to listening to this.
9. “Worship You” Square dancing in double time; What more makes it unique?
10. “Ya Hey” Confusing. What’s that sound? I can’t be sure. Oh well.
11. “Hudson” Calm. Dark. Intriguing. Scattered beat. likable. Like the Pink Starburst.
      12. “Young Lion”           Are there lyrics to this fine tune? Suddenly, he sings.

After thoroughly analyzing each track individually I have come to a few conclusions:

  1. This album receives a solid 6/10 for me, mainly because there were more duds than ever before on a Vampire Weekend album. When I typically listen to an album of theirs, something about each song strikes me as beautiful and original. There were many songs on here that were just ordinary, and I totally would have skipped if it weren’t for my 10-word extravaganza.  Have they run out of ideas, or was there just a ton of experimentation involved in the making of  this album? I’m all for musical exploration, and I can definitely hear that a lot of time and energy went into this album, but the worldly vibe that first attracted me to this group is hidden by numerous special effects which may sound cool to other listeners, but I’m just not that into it.
  2. Fortunately, Ezra’s vocals are still on point, and their lyrics continue to get better and better.  Vampire Weekend has even stayed true to incorporating travel and landmarks in their lyrics which has become sort of their signature, something I have always loved that about this band.
  3. Lastly, “Step” is my favorite track on this album with “Diane Young” coming in at a close second. “Finger Back” is easily the worst song on the album, and I don’t think there is another track that could even touch it in that regard. (Update: Finger Back is my favorite song now.)