Moving In At Barnes & Noble


I had absolutely no idea what to write about today until I realized that I haven’t done any reading in quite a while. How  does one expect to compose their own material without first exposing themselves to the masterpieces of other writers for insight and inspiration? Sure I’ve read the required books and plays for English class this year as well as the historical readings I’ve been assigned for AP World, but that just hasn’t been sufficient. Reading outside of the classroom for me has dwindled down to fashion magazine articles and the strangest news stories on the yahoo homepage (Did you know becoming a real life mermaid is trending these days? These individuals feel completely transformed when they put on their glamorous silicon tails, and they can hold their breath for 4-5 minutes on average. I hope to meet one at the beach, one of these days.) As interesting as that is, I like reading substantial books.

When I read a good book, I feel like I’m learning about life; mistakes i shouldn’t make, jokes i can share with my friends, people I should avoid, people I should stop overlooking, realistic life goals, random facts, bands people thought were cool in the 70’s, foods I should try, names I should keep in mind when it’s time to name my children, what the world is like from the disguised perspective of middle aged authors, the type of guys I’ve been waiting my entire life to meet because they’ll be worth it, comebacks i should spit out when someone’s being a jerk, and basically what it means to be somebody on this over sized planet with way more than enough room for the 7.077 billion of us. 

I’ve spent quite a bit of time at Barnes & Noble in the past couple of weeks. I’ve even renewed my membership card there which gives me amazing discounts, and free shipping for online purchases, but have I purchased anything? Absolutely nothing but the test prep book for the World History exam. Fine, and a coffee or two… And a cookie… and a rice crispy treat. More important than devouring divine high-calorie treats though,  I’ve sifted through dozens of shelves and found many intriguing self-help books along with new and soon-to-be famous- young-adult fiction novels. How can I predict their notoriety soon to come? (I mean, come one. I read twilight years before the movie was ever even thought of).

Books are life. I hope to write one someday, but if I can’t even squeeze in a read, how could i possibly manage a 50,000 word write? Next time I go to the B&N, I’m going to buy an exciting book.  In fact, tonight I’m going to buy a book on the website and use my membership card for free shipping. When it arrives, I’m going to sit it on my nightstand and imagine how wonderful it would be to read. It’s an excellent start if you ask me. In all seriousness though, as soon as school starts winding down, I’m going to begin reading  the book. It’s official.

Until the day after tomorrow, cheerio.