Poetry: Half Dead


Pretty soon, I’ll be 20. And I’ll be half half dead.

I can’t believe I’ve make it this far.

 I’m still pretty cool, a few years left in school,

And I still haven’t crashed my new car.

Someday I’ll be 40. And I’ll be half dead.

I’m one step closer everyday,

I’m learning much more than ever before,

And how actions speak louder than the things I say.

Sooner or later I’ll finally die.

And my eyes will be shut for good,

And I’ll remember the days, when I used to say

I couldn’t when I probably could.

If I never ran out of second chances,

I would try everything again.

From grade school, to grad school,

To doing my chores, and even to picking friends

It’s okay to make some simple mistakes,

But everything has its limit.

Like the number of days you have left in the world

So make them worthwhile, while you’re in it.

So maybe my blog is half dead, or maybe just aging a little bit? I don’t know, At the very least, it’s got Alzheimer’s because I skipped my post two days ago because I completely forgot. I’ve had a busy few days. I’m in Kansas City at the moment for a volleyball tournament. It was stressful getting here because we missed the first flight because my mother had the time wrong, but eventually we made it. On the plane, I completed a typed assignment due at midnight (and read the fabulous GQ style bible issue) … so I mean, that was kind of my blog post substitution I suppose.  Tomorrow i head back a day earlier than the rest of my team because at home, Monday is the district track meet, which qualifies runners/fielders for the upcoming regional and state track meet. Unfortunately, you must attend school for at least half a day to compete in athletics, so my flight leaves at 6:00 AM. Oh boy, tomorrow will be glorious. On the other hand  I’m having a great time. I love this place. Kansas city is clean, and not a “concrete jungle”, like most major cities. There are actual trees and flowers, along with incredibly high hills. The skyline is gorgeous, and I think could actually live here. In other news, I have a short story to edit for English class, and in less than 10 minutes my teammates and I are going to go see The Call. So I will see you in two days!