Basket of Crap


Sometimes I love grocery shopping. Sometimes there are times I need a lot of food items in preparation for a busy week. Mostly I like grocery shopping when I’m starving on a Sunday afternoon, so I give in to buying a bunch of delicious junk food. This is extra satisfying when I’ve got a long car ride home to enjoy my basket of crap. Either way, these instances suck when I get home and realize I’ve now got a cabinet full of absolute garbage that I have to eat.  I can never throw it away though. I’ve spent money on it, and there are so many people around me who would kill for those greasy BBQ chips.  Nevertheless, I feel bad/tempted with the food just sitting there, so I eat it as quickly as I can just to get rid of it. It’s almost miserable in a way.

Recently I’ve learned that if I go to the grocery store right after I eat, I don’t end up with a basket full of Nutella, tortilla chips, frozen yogurt, molasses cookies, or anything else I wish I could throw away by the time I get home. If this life sounds anything like yours, I feel your pain, but we can make the change. Now is the time for me, mostly because track season ends in less than a month and I’ve got to be perfectly healthy to compete in District, Regionals, and State. In addition to this, after the season ends, I know I’m not going to run nearly as often, particularly because April and May are the months when exams and final projects consume my life.  If you’re not in a similar situation, consider this: Thank god that Spring is rolling in late this year because you and I both know those short-shorts definitely would not fit without riding up at the moment. This is mother earth providing you with a second chance to prepare your spring break bod!  Don’t be willing to sacrifice your dream build for anything that tastes too good to be good for you. I’ve got to get into the zone before it’s too late, and the summer sun is shining on full blast. It’s time to stock the basket with semisweet fruit, enriching proteins, and vitamin packed veggies. Healthy crap for now on. Make it happen. ❤