The Bad Ending

1So the ending of Spring Break isn’t bad per say, it’s just bad that Spring Break is ending. Here’s a list of everything I’m going to miss about the glorious 10 day vacation. It’s a good one:

  • I’m going to miss the classy jazz music that played through the lobby of the JW Mariot in Buckhead.
  • I’m going to miss always eating dinner at the food court  and always taking forever to decide what I want, even though I ALWAYS settle for one of the Asian selections.
  • I’m going to miss the glossy tile volleyball courts of the Atlanta convention center.
  • I’m going to miss simply playing volleyball for 3 days straight.
  • I’m going to miss watching Dance Moms, True Life, Fashion Police, Project Runway, House Hunters, I Almost Got Away With It, and The Real World until I fall asleep on my couch in the middle of the day.
  • Similarly, I’m going to miss my dad coming over to watch on-demand movies until I’m ready to actually fall asleep at the proper bed time.
  • I’m going to miss catching up with my favorite YouTubers and being jealous I didn’t get to attend playlist live.
  • I’m going to miss online window shopping for stuff I can’t even wear for another few months because it’s too provocative for the dress code.
  • I’m going to miss my mom forgetting her keys in her room and locking both of us out the house when we were going to get some lunch, so we ordered Domino’s and sat on the porch awaiting the pizza’s delivery.
  • I’m going to miss reading every single article available to me on yahoo news…daily.
  • I’m going to miss sleeping in past 7 AM (Oh, how I appreciate the little things).
  • I’m going to miss learning how to play Weezer songs on guitar and then singing along for all the neighbors to hear.
  • I’m going to miss frying egg whites on top delicious gluten free-toast with decoratively sliced fruit for breakfast, because I have enough time to not just settle for watery instant grits.
  • I’m going to miss going to my friend’s house and playing Apples to Apples or Beatle’s Rockband. I was Paul McCartney
  • I’m going to miss cruising past my friends running on St. Charles Ave. on a day to day basis.
  • I’m going to miss Easter candy… Those SweetTart Jelly Beans are incredible. Oh, and Heavenly Hash is good too.
  • I’m going to miss actually dreaming at night, because for most of the vacation, I didn’t have a noisy alarm clock there to destroy my REM
  • I’m going to miss staying in the shower a little bit longer, so I can finish singing through the entirety my favorite additions to the “Recently Added” playlist on my iTunes.
  • I’m going to miss not doing a lick of homework, and absolutely loving it.
  • I’m mostly just going to miss living the vacationer’s lifestyle. It truly was a pleasure.

So now what’s left is the remnants of a  ordinary laid-back weekend:

  • Saturday – Get Up. Go To Track. Come Home. Eat Lunch. Do Homework. Relax/Go Out
  • Sunday – Get Up. Go To Volleyball. Restock The Groceries. Eat Lunch. Do Homework. Lament about the Monday that awaits me.