3 Songs Called “Stay”

 Upon sifting through my iTunes library, I’ve realized that artists aren’t very creative with their song titles. The number of songs I have with the exact same title is incredible. Let’s talk about three very different songs all entitled “Stay”. FYI, all the images act as links to the song. (you’re welcome!) For the record, my draft I started this morning for today’s post mysteriously disappeared (which is why this post is so late). This is a little bit upsetting, however, it’s only a minor setback. It’s a chance to start fresh with this spur of the moment idea. So, let’s begin.


 This one is relatively new. I first heard the song during the Grammy’s on February 10th. The day after, I saw the video on MTV. (Are you as surprised as I am that they actually showed a music video?). The song’s basic structure, strong piano chords, and simple melody pretty much suggest that the lyrics are much more important, not that I’m discrediting Mikky Ekko and Justin Parker, the musicians who composed the song.  It’s a powerful tune. The lyrics somehow lead me to believe the song has something to do with Chris Brown, but I shouldn’t make any dramatic assumptions. It’s a well written piece. If you want something relaxing and emotional to listen to, this is a good option. Obviously people have mixed feelings of whether or not sad songs are the best medicine for being… well, sad. If you support this notion and enjoy a good cry, this is the perfect song for you and all your grieving.

Mozella StayThis one is “Stay” by Mozella. I heard it one day over the past summer while I was shopping in Washington, District of Columbia. I was immediately attracted to it. I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps because the song is the perfect amount of upbeat combined with the perfect amount of  feel-good. Mozella manages all of this without being overly produced or too cookie-cutter.  Her sweet vocals are really something special. She’s a true artist, I’ve realized especially after venturing off to some of her other music. I love this song, and if any part of this review sounds good to you, you will too.

Sara Bareilles - Stay

Last but certainly not least, this beautiful composition takes the cake in my book (or bakery, I don’t really know).  I feel Sara’s passion in her voice, lyrics, and her piano playing too. Her dynamics are outstanding. They make her music come alive. That’s what draws me to a piece of music and an artist; life. In this song, her vocals delightful and unforced on top of a distorted jazzy guitar. Suddenly, the music builds. Her delightful vocals heighten to a full belt. It’s too much for the radio to bear.  I can only imagine how it would sound live. I’ll have to put “attend a Sara Bareilles concert” on my bucket-list. The point is, I adore this song.

3 Amazing women are singing songs with the same exact title. Coincidence? I’m not really sure, but maybe if I write a song called “Stay”, I could be equally as amazing? Possibly.

2 days y’all. deuces.