A Taste of Vacation: 10 Must Have Swimsuits


And so Spring Break 2013 continues. The weather is getting warmer, and the snoball stands have finally opened.  Today is the first day of the season sandals have appeared on my feet. This week is my first taste of what the upcoming summer will be like, though it’s nearly two months away. In preparation for this, I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping. (But actually, windows and windows of Google Chrome have been opened and exposed to the websites of adorable fashion boutiques and department stores abound).  Along with the footwear that exposes my mediocre DIY pedicures, it’s also about time to bring out the barely-there swimwear.  I’ve compiled a collection of 10 suits for the daring and fashionable summer-enthusiast, who enjoys bumming it up on the beach or relaxing by the poolside. Get them before your friends do.


1. Tallow Tanzania Bandeau Bikini


2.  Volcom Mix Print One-Piece Swimsuit


3.  Sour Popsicle Swimsuit 


4.  Hunter Swimsuit 


5. Whatever Victoria’s Secret Calls This Masterpiece


6. Contrast Knot Bikini 

9326_i2_alskdfjlasjdflsa7.  La Sirena Swimsuit 

8143463_fpx8. Zinke Kristen Bandeau Top & Gidget Hipster Bikini Bottom


9. Retro Bikini


10. Bendito Nautico

I’d also like to mention, for the faithful followers. I haven’t been blogging on schedule because I was in Atlanta, and the internet was 12.95 a day. You do the math. Thanks for your understanding! Happy Swimming. :] See you in 2 days.