The Art of Coning

ice creamPictured above is a significantly artistic picture of ice cream in a cone. However, the art of coning has nothing to do with how beautifully your ice cream is crafted. It’s simply a game played between you, and the person working at the window of a fast-food restaurant. Here’s how it works:

  1. Order a vanilla ice cream cone. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, you probably won’t get the chance to eat it. If you’re going coning at a venue where the activity is popular, they may tell you they’re out of ice cream in order to ensure the trick won’t be played on them again. Outsmart then by also purchasing an order of fries.
  2. Next, seriously try to keep a straight face as you pay for your ice cream. This can actually be the most difficult part of the game. Don’t anticipate the joke too soon, or you may not succeed!
  3. Finally, as you drive to the window to pick up your cone, don’t. Instead, with an unfazed look on your face, grab the ice cream. That’s right, the actual ice cream. Leave the empty cone in the employees hand. The reaction you will get is priceless. You and your friends will be in a fit of laughter the entire ride to wherever it is you originally intended on going.


  • Make sure the person coning is a skilled driver. You’re going to have to speed away, and you wouldn’t want to run into the side of the drive-thru. (it’s happened).
  • Have a plastic grocery bag in your lap so you can easily dispose of the sticky treat. A cup and a spoon would also work.
  • Don’t forget a wipe or napkin to clean your hands.
  • Make sure the camera’s on. You’re going to want to replay this.
  • Try it at multiple places and compare employees’ reactions.

Example video:

Have fun, and GOOD LUCK!