How Johannes Brahms (and Justin Timberlake) Saved Music


Brahms is truly a leader in the music world. As much as I admire the Justin Timberlakes, Vampire Weekends, and Frank Oceans of the world, Brahms is timeless. I guess he could be associated with Bach, or Beethoven, or any other classical composers with a name beginning with a B. His compositions are inspirational. If I were an advanced composer myself, he would without a doubt be my biggest influence. However, as I am an unskilled instrumentalist and hardly fluent in German, I can only jam along vocally to one Brahms song and one Brahms song only. It’s titled “Der Gang zum Liebchen” or “The Way To His Sweetheart”. Aside from the lyrics, this is a truly beautiful song because of the dynamic changes. The music truly speaks for itself. My favorite version of the song is available on Spotify, (Brahms, Johannes)[ <– you’re very welcome!]  If you are one of those people who shuns classical music because it’s “boring”, I am so sorry that there is no way to make up the lost time you’ve spent not listening to Brahms. I sing to him daily in choir. I study to the sweet sounds of himself and similar composers before midterms and finals. There is never a wrong time to listen to him. In fact, the school choir is going to competition tomorrow, and we will be performing this difficult yet breathtaking piece. I’m excited to win, in addition to the excitement building in regards to standing for a very long time in painful high heels. Wish us luck.

Now, you must be wondering why Justin Timberlake is the featured image instead of Brahms, whom I so sincerely admire… Well, if you’ve given his new album “The 20/20 Experience” a listen, then you know why. I will warn you though, I’m going to be fairly vague in this mini-music-review simply because I want you to listen and formulate an opinion on the album for yourself: If you’ve liked the Backstreet Boys, or you’re a fan of his more recent material, then you’ll certainly love the new album. Well, actually I guess being a Backstreet Boy fan is completely irrelevant. Your “I Want It That Way” Pandora radio station wouldn’t dare suggest Justin’s new single, “Suit and Tie” as a related track… The songs on the new album are a little more R&B and a little less Pop/Dance, but this album easily contains some of his best work. It is exactly what I expect of Justin, and that is consistent quality material. He’s amazing at what he does, and he does it all. He’s a Justin of all trades, and a master of… well, all of them. Give it a listen. You won’t regret it.

Also, do your homework if you’re like me, and you haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. You can’t blog your way out of life forever. Tomorrow lies a new day. ❤