Poetry: Two Trees


Two trees, in a race,

Who could be the tallest?

For now they are only little sprouts,

But the one on the right is the tallest.

The months went by, it rained and rained,

Each little sprout had grown,

They strained, and stretched,

And reached, and grew,

Up to the sky unknown

The one on the right is winning still,

But losing lots of leaves

The one on the left is thriving,

Blowing mildly in the breeze

The years went by, and branches fall

Who would become the greatest?

The on the right looked down below,

Knowing that he had made it.

And then one day a lumberjack

who longed to build a home,

He saw the splendid tree on the right

and claimed it as his own

He sawed upon that perfect tree until the timber fell

And that tree is now a barren stump

Who never lived to tell

This is a poem I’ve written a while back. I’m inspired to share it with you due to my new found obsession with the rainbow eucalyptus tree. The older the tree is, the more colorful the bark it becomes because it changes colors as it ages. Now when anyone asks me what is my favorite species of tree, I have the perfect answer.

I’m pretty upset that I missed posting on Saturday. I was at a volleyball tournament in Houston, and literally had not a free second to access a computer. In fact, I didn’t even start my term paper last night at 11 PM, when I finally made it home.  I’m still amazed that I’m functioning almost normally with only a smidgen of post-all-nighter-ADD present. This is without the help of any energizing substances might I add, although last night I was running on candy and a cup of almond milk with  perhaps an ounce of coffee. (Caffeine is a deadly drug, and I don’t want to risk addiction, but in my time of need, it was the only thing I could depend on.) Thank god that’s over with. The stress lives on however, for two more weeks. I am anxiously awaiting Spring Break 2K13. ❤ Bye for now!