Origami is the art of paper-folding, but what happens when you brings out the scissors? Immediately, I thought a paper-cutter could easily be labeled an origami-cheater, but with great curiosity and Google at hand, I’ve exposed myself to a completely different art form. The art of paper cutting is called Kirigami, or (切り紙) (the characters are nice to look at)…

 I’m realizing that I’ve been a Kirigami artist for the greater part of my life. I remember those paper snowflakes we’d cut and hang around the classrooms in grade school. Mine were pretty nice, and about as realistic as a snowflake could be made out of something other than ice crystals. Outside of the art room, Kirigami is much more intense. There are people out there who can sculpt actual masterpieces out paper. It’s equally impressive as it is beautiful. Here are some amazing pictures (courtesy of google) of Kirigami art.

Kiri Cape Cod Coupledraft_lens18374618module152570882photo_1314712195New_York_kirigamidraft_lens18374618module152570876photo_1314711899Big_city_kirigamiLi Qiang