10 Bits of Inspiration for My Dream Home

It’s not often that I have the time to watch some good old-fashioned television, but when I do, I can’t help but flip to HGTV. My favorite show is Selling New York, which is basically a show where the viewers get to watch home-buyers purchase some of the priciest and most flawless pads the Big Apple has to offer.  After watching many HGTV shows over the years, and more recently, wasting countless hours of my (not so free) time on http://www.thefancy.com/, I’ve become inspired to someday decorate my own living space. Here are 10 statement pieces (courtesy of The Fancy), that I’m currently in love with:

Northern Lights Heat Sensitive Tile1. Northern Lights Heat-Sensitive Tile

Untimate Conference Room Table Made Of Lego2. Ultimate Conference Room Table Made of Lego (I don’t imagine I’ll have very many conferences, but if that ever changes, I’d love for them to take place seated at this table)

Glass Bathtub by Stern McCafferty3. Glass Bathtub by Stern McCafferty 

Glass Pool Table4. Glass Pool Table (Although I’m not entirely sure how one would play billiards on a glass surface…)

609d2ffafbb817f2f525e69bcf48394a5. This Library is just stunning. I’d never leave.

Mazarka Luxury Swing by Svvving6. Mazarka Luxury Swing by-Svvving  (Because who doesn’t want to swing indoors?!)

Giotto Swivel Bed7. Giotto Swivel Bed 

Wood Stubb Poufs by Krone Hanssen8. Wood Stubb Poufs by Krone Hanssen

Earth Globe Firepit9. Earth Globe Fire Pit (a little bit disturbing, but sometimes, that’s art at its finest.)

New York Wall Mural by Robert Harrison10. New York Wall Mural by Robet Harrison 


See you in 2 days!