Midnight In Paris


It was not just an ordinary Saturday. It was the Saturday of the Sweet 16 of myself and about 20 other  girls in my class. We were granted the opportunity to combine our funds, ideas, and parental-labor together to throw a massive sweet 16 party that we’ll never forget. (Our theme was Midnight In Paris, just to clear up the title.) This post is several hours past due, as I’ve gotten into the habit of posting every other day.  However, I knew this was what I wanted to talk about today, and of course I couldn’t do much of the writing until after the event. This particular post is  just a time capsule post because I don’t ever want to forget the night of my sweet 16. While 16 is really just another teenage year, for some reason, in our culture, we feel the need to have an overly-extravagant party to celebrate…but who’s complaining? (not I)

On the car ride to the  venue, I could not contain my excitement. I can’t even think of a reason why besides the fact that this was it. This was the big party MTV warned me about. As i stepped out of the car into freezing cold temperatures, I was first greeted at the door by a photographer who took a picture of my parents and me. When I stepped inside, there were a few of my classmates gazing at a big screen of our childhood photographs. We laughed and smiled as the slideshow rolled along. We looked around at each other, amazed at the beautiful young women we’ve become.

As more of us girls arrived, we were escorted upstairs to begin the pre-party, which is basically a time where we could peacefully socialize and eat, prior to the guests’ arrival. The bar was covered with food trays: assorted cheese cubes, croissants, baguettes, and  Nutella; a tower of macaroons,  mini cupcakes, cake pops, frosted cookies, sandwiches,  and even a healthy selection of fruit. It was practically Paris on a table top. Still, all us girls afraid to be the first to pig out (particularly avoiding the perfectly-stacked macaroon tower), hesitantly picked at the trays of delicious treats.

All of our hard work and diligent effort in getting ready for this day did not go unnoticed. We complimented each others fabulous dresses and praised one another’s intricately made up faces and hairstyles.  The parents admired us from afar. They couldn’t believe how far we’ve come since the slideshow days either.

At 8:00, the party kicked off. Guest came trickling through the doorway, as club music began to play. Instead of our childhood photos, a familiar film, “Midnight In Paris” filled the big screen. We danced along with our friends in the crowd. As our feet grew sore, we kicked off our heels and danced even more. We made frequent trips to the photo booth, standing before a camera lens in over-sized shades and feather boas. These photos would be something we’d look back on 10 years from now and only then would we truly appreciate them.

While there were hardly enough hours in the day to prepare for a party that didn’t even last half as long, it was certainly a spectacular night. I know the parents are glad it’s over, but for us, being 16 marks a point in our lives that has nearly just begun. It’s official; We’ve grown up.