All Things À La Mode

Mark Delong Fashion Photography

Too many people accept the idea of looks not mattering. Speaking realistically, we can all attest to the fact when we look better, we feel better, and that counts for something, doesn’t it? The best part is that we don’t do it because we’ve got anyone to impress; We’re setting ourselves up with confidence and contentedness.What we wear or how we choose to style our hair is not masking our inner beauty. It is merely heightening out ability to evince and maintain it, which why I fully support the modern day world of fashion, and everyone in it. I love the designers, including the undiscovered elite and department store gems. I admire the models and the pristine image they work so diligently to maintain. I commend the artists who’ve chosen the unconventional route of painting faces as opposed to empty canvas, and I praise the photographers and the masterpieces they concoct through glass lenses. Fashion is one thing that satiates my metaphorical hunger, because the same way hungry people feel about pizza and hot dogs, I feel about peplum and hot pants. That good feeling is what life is about, though it’s not always easy for everyone to access. It is however, what we always aspire towards, whether is be by making new friends, delving into a gripping novella, quitting a lame job, or even stumbling upon the perfect pair of sky-high platforms.

I want to eventually document/let you all have a glimpse at my personal style in posts to come. I think it’ll be cool to see how it evolves over time. Being new around here, it’s really difficult to figure out how I’d like to express myself. So for now, you’re getting the most random material I can expel from my young, developing mind. Try to enjoy it.