My Affinity For Mint + Chocolate

thin mints

Every spring, girl scouts begin disturbing world peace (instead of promoting it as they should). All crash diets are called off immediately, and not even because we haven’t got the will to maintain them. At up to 70 calories a pop, a girl scout cookie is one of the most regrettable thing one can eat, but something about them is simply irresistible.  Typically, when the cookies would arrive, I’d have to eat as many as I could before my mother finished off the boxes as a  snack late in the night. My favorite cookie of the girl scout variety has always been the Samoa. They’re classic. They’re unique. They’ve got caramel and coconut. The box is purple.

I’d tried many other flavors, though never had I ever tried a thin mint.

“you haven’t had a thin mint?” My friends would ask, wide-eyed with astonishment.

“They’re my absolute favorite!”

“Have you tried them frozen?”

“You have got to try one.”

Growing up, I’d never eaten mint chocolate flavored anything. The ice cream in the household fridge consisted of flavors such as “Homemade Vanilla” or “Buttered Pecan”. I never have and never will be a pecan lover, so when the flavor “Pralines n’ Cream” became a household favorite, things still weren’t much better for me. Variations of the vanilla flavor was all I’d ever eat; Vanilla with Oreos, vanilla with cookie dough, or even vanilla with caramel.  The idea of combining mint with chocolate was unfathomable to me. The York peppermint patties from the Halloween candy were always tossed by the end of November. Still, I reluctantly purchased the green box of crispy charcoal colored cookies. What I’ve grown to discover is that the combination of chocolate and mint is a flavor divine supremacy. Thin mints are nearly impossible to get sick of, unlike the rich chocolate peanut butter combination of Tag-Alongs, or the dense chocolate bottom of the  All-Abouts. (Although I still can’t say I’ve tired of Samoas…)

I’m only writing this post because I miss the spoonful of mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt I had today with my breakfast this morning. I can’t believe I lived for so long, without the flavor in my life, but everybody makes mistakes.

See you in a couple of days. Maybe tomorrow, if I’m light on homework!