“I Want The Whole World to Celebrate”

Confetti Raining Down by Chris Little

Congratulations you’ve found it. By It, I’m speaking of this very blog you’re reading. Well no, I’m no photographer, and unfortunately this is not YouTube.  For all you visuals out there, Google images is the best I can do for you; But since you’re here, I’m hoping you are somewhat of an avid reader. Due to my broken camera, and my Macbook being forcefully relocated to New York City upon my sister’s acceptance to Barnard College, all I’ve got is  a voice, yet an insubstantial amount of free time. Still, I’ve figured creating a simple blog could help me document events and interests of my young adult years.  I’ve made the commitment to put the breaks on the  homework from time to time. Possibly, I’ll spend a free period doing something other than learning the seemingly incomprehensible language of mathematics. Maybe I’ll spend a couple of class periods blogging instead of reading scandalous Yahoo News articles. At any rate. Hello, I’m Jamie. I’m a singer-songwriter, music junkie, and an athlete. I also happens to enjoy fashion (particular gorgeous garments on flawless models), pop culture, group projects, medical research, and just general creativity. If you like any of these things, go ahead a get in my van (or just click follow). I can’t guarantee I’ll discuss any of my medical research however because in the eyes of many, it’s just plain boring. And now that we’ve met,

Welcome to the blog. Let’s celebrate.

But don’t expect anything off the charts.

Let’s talk tomorrow or the next day for real. Peace.