first semester reflection.

I was in a bookstore in Montreal over Thanksgiving holiday, and in that moment, I didn’t feel like I was making the most of my life.


A Love Letter For You (Whoever You Are).

Let’s face it, I love you.  At least, I think I do. I want to love you, rather. I’ll phrase it that way because whether or not I do or I don’t is irrelevant now.… Continue reading

Poetry: Calm Existence

Tonight my friend was supposed to come over and bake with me –like brownies and stuff. Instead, she took it upon herself to go bake in an equally literal since: with a couple… Continue reading

Protected: MG2K14

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

10 Desserts I Could Really Go For Right Now

I am powerless to my sugar addiction. In a way, it has almost become… unmanageable. Yesterday I had two heart shaped sugar cookies, a luscious fudge brownie, 3 giant chocolate covered strawberries, and… Continue reading

Poetry: This One Is Pretty Much Untitled.

In Honor of Valentines/Singles Awareness Day, this weeks blog topic is going to be about love. So, enjoy this love poem I wrote about love in general, and my one true love, Music.… Continue reading

New Year, Nu-tella

I’m sitting outside a coffee shoppe in frigid 54 degree weather, typical of a New Orleans winter. I’ve just returned from a glorious vacation and can’t seem to get back into the swing… Continue reading

A Much Needed Vacation

So, it’s Winter Break, but it feels like Spring Break. Maybe because I’m in Florida, and it’s not all that cold outside. Just days after guzzling down mug after mug of white hot… Continue reading

Guess What This Post Is About

Back to school means back to blogging i suppose. I’m starting fresh. I’ve even changed up the blog design a bit, which I’ll most likely continue to tamper with until I feel that… Continue reading

“Let’s Go On A Living Spree. They Say The Best Things In Life Are Free.”

Speaking of Kanye West, I just want to give a shout out to his daughter, North. I know he’s a well respected rapper and his level of creativity is is off the charts,… Continue reading